Shopify App Developer Resources

Agencies / Consultants / Coaches / Paid Advice

  • Shopify AppStore Marketing Consultation:
  • Growth Dept
    • “We are a team of growth professionals that have cut their teeth and honed their skills within the Shopify ecosystem.”
    • “We work hand in hand 🤝 with Shopify app founders & teams to plan, build and execute sustainable full-funnel growth campaigns.”
    • Founded by Jaquory Lunsford, worth a follow on Twitter:
    • See their “State of the Shopify App Store” report:
    • And case study:
  • Convert2x
    • “We help Shopify apps scale.”
    • “Our team provides everything you need to scale your Shopify app: Find and prioritize your keywords, scale traffic with SEO and paid ads, price correctly, and optimize your Shopify app store page and post-install funnel.”
  • Kollectify
    • “We help Shopify app developers build a unique position with magnetic Shopify merchant energy.”
    • “With over 7 years of experience in the Shopify App ecosystem, we are trusted by hundreds of Shopify apps, websites and theme developers”
  • Bespoke Shopify App Marketing Plans: