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Daniel Sim - App Store Analytics

Everywhere your app can be featured on Shopify
Being a good member of the community is an end to itself and opens all kinds of doors, including being considered as a Staff pick.
You can increase your chances of being featured here by having a launch strategy. Before listing publicly, build up a waiting list of interested merchants. When you launch, open your doors to a nice spike of installs and reviews.
How to track your Shopify app listing using Google Analytics
Adding keywords to your partner name - a good way to optimize your Shopify app listing?
How to track your performance in the Shopify app store using Google Sheets
Shopify App Store attribution - yes you can!
Shopify app store ads: Can you calculate Return On Ad Spend?
How to A/B test your Shopify App Store listing
Newsletter swaps grow your audience and attract new users
How I made our first support hire