I started MicroAngel to document my journey buying, growing and selling Micro-SaaS products. I’m investing $500k of my own money in the process and hope to turn it into $1.4m just 2 years from now.
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Key points:

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  • Shopify is eating ecommerce and arming the rebels vs. Amazon
  • The Shopify app store used to be full of app clones, but now more and more brands launch on Shopify + raise capital to grow
  • There’s a massive and growing long tail of incredible opportunities
  • Net negative churn is the ultimate goal and requires expansion, which Shopify merchants are already used to

Key points:

  • Already, the entirety of the Shopify ecosystem is in full bloom.
  • Even before the pandemic’s effect on ecommerce, the number of active merchants on the platform has been exploding over the past several years, indicating a massive opportunity for Shopify apps with defensible positions.
  • Indeed, apps that have decently stable ranking on the App Store profit from the tailwind created by Shopify as a platform, where the growth of merchants to the platform creates a rising tide for apps serving those merchants.
  • In the last 90 days alone, Shopify lured 7,000 merchants away from other ecommerce platforms, with WooCommerce shedding the lion’s share
  • I chose to focus on Shopify because the market is continuing to grow, which enables Holding assets by the fact apps will grow with the market without much effort, and that any large advantage created by Shopify would likely be passed on to its partner network.

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