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Partner League Round-up
"A weekly round-up of curated links for official Shopify Partners, and updates for private community members at Partner League."
Eyal Toledano’s documentation around his journey growing his Shopify App portfolio
Vishwesh Shetty’s newsletter covering Spotify Apps
💯 Vishwesh Shetty’s newsletter guides “Shopify AppStore Marketing & More by Vishwesh Shetty”
Kier Whitaker’s Newsletter
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Liquid Weekly
Good coverage of general Shopify dev news
I only speak Liquid
Bi-weekly insights from a rotation of active Shopify developers, brought to you by Storetasker
John Speed does good “This week in Shopify Apps” threads on Twitter:

Revue newsletters from various Shopify related Twitterati

  • Shopify AppStore Marketing & More by Vishwesh Shetty Shopify AppStore Expert with apps used by 15k stores @ $20k MRR. Laying groundwork for my new SaaS startup, a Shopify CRM to help merchants compete with Amazon. If you are working in eCommerce Space we should connect!

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